19 June 2009

nowhere near playlist 6.17.09

Old-skool ex-WTJU DJ Todd Pontius came all the way from Columbus, Ohio to spin some records on my show. Okay, he and his girlfriend were on their way to the beach, but he still had to drive 7 hours in the rain to get here. I was more than honored and pleased to have him as a guest. His set covers roughly the second hour; nothing but vinyl, too (except that one exclusive Times New Viking track).

"Velvet (Gang Gang Dance Remix)" - The Big Pink - Velvet Remixes [4AD: 2009]
"Wicker Man Song" - Nature And Organisation - A Dozen Summers Against The World [Durtro: 1994]
A beautiful cover of a beautiful tune ("The Willow Song")
"Sinister Purpose" - Dinosaurs - Simla Beat 70/71 comp. [Shadoks]
Crazy Indian psych cover of the CCR classic.

"He Who Would Valiant Be" - Ted Taylor Organsound Feat. Tubby Hayes And Mike Sammes Singers - Hymns A Swinging [Trunk: 2009]
Reissue of rare British funk-jazz outfit's Christian album
"She Is Not Alone" - Sonic Youth - Battery Park, NYC July 4, 2008 [Matador: 2009]
Live LP-only release available only with THE ETERNAL
"The Song Is The Single" - BARR - Summary [5 Rue Christine: 2007]
"I Want You To Walk All Over Me" - The Wave Pictrues - Sophie [Moshi Moshi: 2006]

"Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M'" - Serge Gainsbourg - Vu De L'Exterieur [Polygram International: 1973]
"Tebi Matko Misti Lete" - Branko Mataja
"Charity" - Judy Henske & Jerry Yester - Farewell Aldebaran [Straight: 1970]
"Just Strut" - King Tuff - Was Dead [Colonel: 2008]

"Now That I'm A Man Fulll Grown" - Jack Rose - By The Fruits You Shall Know The Roots comp. [Eclipse: 2005]
"Halcyon Days" - Sapat - Tongue-Tied & Staid 7" [Black Velvet Fuckere: 2006]
Todd Pontius' set starts with Sapat!
"Illogical" {Jim Shepard} - Ego Summit - The Room's Not Big Enough [Old Age/No Age: 1997]
"Like A Dan Shearer Over Troubled Waters" - RTFO Bandwagon - Dums Will Survive [Dull Knife: 2009]
"Nzo A Dise" - Spiritual Singers - Ntsamina [Mississippi: 2009]
"The Post Office Line" - Dan Melchior Und Das Menace - The Post Office 7" [Columbus Discount: 2009]
An installment in the Columbus Discount Records 7" series

"The Fiend" - TV Ghost - The Fiend 7" [Columbus Discount: 2009]
From Lafayette, Indiana
"Lost and Found" - The Guinea Worms - 7" [Savage: 2009]
From Columbus, Ohio
"Sidewalk" - Tyvek - 7" [M'Lady's: 2008]
From Detroit, Michigan
"Our Love is Real" - The Grave Blankets - 7" [HoZac: 2008]
From Columbus, Ohio
"Hello From Ohio" - The Guinea Worms - 7" [Red Hour: 2001]

"Savoir Faire" - Family Fodder - 7" [Crammed Discs: 1980]
"Get Up and Use Me" - The Fire Engines - 7" [Codex: 1980]
"No Time, No Hope" - Times New Viking - CDR [2009]
"El Tortuga" - Cheveu - 7" [S-S: 2007]
split 7" w/Tyvek

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